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Cradle of Forest OOC

the darkness that lurks in our minds

July 5th, 2012

Yes, yes, I know. This community's been dead as a dodo.
Hasn't been time, scads of ex-players off doing real world things, so on, so forth...
messes of new games, and a new Silent Hill movie out and about in the world. You'd think it would be time to just pack it in....

and it is. We've moved on. This is hardly your newstyle Silent Hill, and never was.

A little backstory, however, if you will.... myself, and a handful of disgruntled poly vets wandered away and began this little corner of the net to carry on with the writing we'd been doing.

We're either some of the keenest SH ficcers or the most abyssmal, depending on how blasphemous you consider crossovers. Because, of course, we took liberties (often to Robot Chicken/ Family Guy flashbacks-like proportions) with the world. Mostly, this pissed off people who take the game waaaaaay too serious, or , you know, born again Halo of the Sun-ners.... but I digress.

Before poly? a number of us were in the lovely sh_alt, which was nearly always pretty crack-ish. and before that...

before that, in the same way we conterversied our way through poly, we had equal probs in the chatroom world with our why-so-serious attitude, and wandered here, there, and everywhere, before settling and creating- and then, like this comm, ultimately forgetting about- a chat in Whispering Realms.

Well, it's back again. You can get there by going here- http://www.whisperingrealmschat.net/erealms/realm.pl and then typing "The Interzone" into the private room thing cos, well, we were gone such a lonnnng time! so now we're 'hybrid'.

Part of what shocked folk about us- and our brief Asian branchoff, chet_thahn_pho- was our penchant for dramedy. Raised on X-Files and BtVS and scads of other well written stuffs, we were just kinda aware you can be utterly ludicrous one minute, and back to the serious in the next.

That, and we'd let any fandom in. Even those conterversial based-on-real-people ones.

Which is kinda where we went back to tonight.

Before sh_alt, and Cradle of Forest and all, nadine and I, anyway, and a couple of the WRC refugees were part of a crossover that had 'real life' Cs in, which annoyed absolutely everyone- the band Foo Fighters, and the spirit of Kurdt Cobain.

Add to that we had pre-Twilight vampires, and a plotline that took place in the Potterverse, and yes, we were too weird for anyone.

Since the original Cradle of Forest dried up awhile ago, nadine and I decided to go back to that world. Since some of the SH characters had crept in- the ones I had been playing in sh_alt, that is- we just decided to carry on from there as though nothing had changed in the interval, except this time we brought some of the now orphaned Cradle of Forest Cs along.

and so I bore you all with this- a little RP we did last night. It's to foreshadow the next weird plotline I have cooked up, which is going to be featuring Nordic gods and heavy metal bands, and of course, Silent Hill.

You're welcome to join. Or at least, if you enjoyed (or at least enjoyed being horrified by what we do) the old stuff, here's the new.
RPers!!! come join us!!! pure fuckin' armaggedon!!!!

and now, back to your regularly scheduled tumbleweeds.

January 29th, 2010

(no subject)

oh so innocent
hey everyone, this isn't about anything in particular, i just wanted to post something (as it is, the last post in the comm is old enough now not to show up, and my friends page was empty!) everyone's been so busy, but i hope y'all are doing alright with whatever you've got going on.

so, take care, and hope to see you kids soon :P

January 10th, 2010

Oh, and you may kill me, but I'd nicked this off poly.

A meme, to play with if you so choose...

1. Insert Tab A into Slot B Reply with a character or a list of your characters.
2. Comment around. Ask a silly, burning-in-your-loins question that canon never answered, but a player might. It can be one or many, srs business or crack, anything from "What did Billy Joe do in those two days after his brother died?" to "Boxers or briefs?" to "How does Bob take his eggs?"
3. Scrambled, you say? Scrambled eggs are way good.
4. So are eggs over easy. Anything fried is delicious, true fact.
5. Mmmmm eggs.

Alright. Have at! :-)

October 31st, 2009

geez louise

what's for dinner?
okay, well, i'm having some comp problems again, and i can't get my stupid browsers or IMs to connect, even though it says my computer is connected. (i'm currently on the laptop, obviously). so i don't know when i'll be up and running on my own computer again, although i might use my next two days off to format the damn thing etc etc.

i hate computers.

anyway, i may be scarce. of course the fact that i hardly see anyone else online i suppose it might go unnoticed hahaha.

there's a log i need to post, and i'll try to get it up tomorrow.

happy halloween, kiddies :P

October 10th, 2009

(no subject)

Fred will have Illyria's journal after Illyria dies. Meanwhile fred will post in hers.
Kylie traps is coming back.
Kylie will share with Shilo.

September 11th, 2009

(no subject)

If an annoying acquaintance got spinach between his or her teeth or an embarrassing salsa stain, would you tell them or let them suffer in shame?

Don't want to hear peoples sob story how hard life is now or how they are on so rarely so please get to their side story first. You set yourself outside the main storyline you are just plain not as important for me to get to. From now on anymore moving up entries in ploy for attention result in that journal losing posting privileges in log library.

Get over your self, that is all.

Also, if you erase posts that have other peoples writing in, you don't belong in this community. If someone has been gracious enough to write with you, you do not own that entry.

August 30th, 2009

had to share

teh amused eye watches thee
The hospital levels - and there's always a hospital level - come a close second. Giant faces with insane eyes where a wall should be. Gurneys with restraints scattered through the corridors. Psychiatric files scattered everywhere describing paranoid schizophrenic psychoses. Lead-pipe-wielding nurses who clearly own real-estate in the uncanny valley, lurching through the hallways to the crackle of radio static. Broken wheelchairs lying on their sides, one wheel turning forever. No patients anywhere to be seen, but blood on all the walls. The poetry of disturbed children written on every surface.

See, this is what you get when you don't have single-payer health care. In Canada, our lead-pipe-wielding undead nurses are a lot nicer.


August 1st, 2009

Here's a list of pretty recent articles on Joystiq.com that I found to be rather hilarious, and have as such included my commentary (The last comment as I type this, my name is "Mallory").


This is mostly directed to the people on the boards at Joystiq.com, but whatever. Rants don't need direction.

I ask you:

Am I the only one who thinks this game looks horrible? They are ruining one of the best franchises in the world, in my opinion. I mean, look. SH1 took place in the early nineties/late eighties. There was no cellphone use for the casual person then, not to mention a cameraphone with text messaging and voicemail. Secondly, since when does hell make anyone think of ICE? Thirdly.... The WII? Come on, I thought we were better than that, SH franchise.

I think anyone who hasn't played the other games and is going "OMG THIS LEWKS SO GR8!!!" really needs to shut up. If you don't know what you're doing or talking about, like the producers of this game seem not to, (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, NEW PRODUCTION TEAM) then you really should go play Silent Hill 1 and 2, educate yourselves, and shut the hell up.

In my opinion, if they're not putting this game on the PS3 or 360, then it's not a serious entry to the series, and thus, I will neither be playing it nor appreciating it as such.

July 29th, 2009

(no subject)

i'm baaack... and i made a post! yay!

July 27th, 2009

ooc, obviously

well, my computer has shit the bed, and i have to finish backing up my stuff and then i get to spend time formatting and etc etc. which means that i will be quite scarce over the next couple of days. my folks have their laptop, of course, which is what i'm on right now.

i had a point to that last bit, but i'm tired and hungry and i can't remember what it is, so i'm just gonna leave it at that haha. stay frosty, kids.

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